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Tamsin L. Silver

Originally from Michigan, Tamsin L. Silver is a New York City based author who writes YA Urban Fantasy. She currently has two series out: the Windfire Saga and the Sabrina Grayson Novels. She is also the creator/writer/director for the Web Series, Skye of the Damned, produced by VampireFreaks.com and Small Town Pictures. In 2016, she hopes to add to that list with a new werewolf novel, MOON OVER MANHATTAN, and the post apocalyptic short story collection, THE CLANDESTINE CONFLICT.

While on the writing path, Tamsin graduated from Winthrop University with a BA in Theatre and a Secondary Education, and a minor in Creative Writing and Shakespeare. She's taught middle school and high school theatre as well as run two theatre companies, where she holds awards in directing for both.

You can learn more about Ms. Silver by visiting www.tamsinsilver.com or attending one of the east coast conventions, such as Con*Carolinas, Dragon*Con, and New York Comic Con (to name a few), where she speaks on panels and sells her wares. If you cannot catch her there, her website has links to all of her books in print and e-copy, her web series, her blogs, and social media.


WEBSITE:  http://www.tamsinsilver.com/

BLOG:        http://tamsinsilver.blogspot.com

TWITTER: @tamsinsilver 

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/tamsin.silver.37 

SKYE FB PAGE: www.facebook.com/SkyeOfTheDamned

SKYE WEBSITE: www.SkyeOfTheDamned.com/