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Stephen Mark Rainey

Stephen Mark Rainey is author of the novels BALAK, THE LEBO COVEN, DARK SHADOWS: DREAMS OF THE DARK (with Elizabeth Massie), THE NIGHTMARE FRONTIER, and THE MONARCHS; the novella GODS OF MOAB; over 100 published works of short fiction; five short-fiction collections; and several audio dramas for Big Finish Productions based on the ABC-TV series Dark Shadows, featuring members of the original TV series cast. Recent publications include the anthologies THE BEST OF DARK DISCOVERIES, BLACK WINGS OF CTHULHU IV, IN THE COURT OF THE YELLOW KING, BEYOND THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS, and others. For ten years, he edited the award-winning DEATHREALM magazine and has edited anthologies for Chaosium, Arkham House, and Delirium Books. Mark lives in Greensboro, NC. He is an avid geocacher, which oftentimes puts him in some pretty scary settings.


Visit his website at www.stephenmarkrainey.com.