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Renee Hill

Figures Sold Separately
Ingredients: Water, 35 litres. Carbon, 20kg. Milk, 4 litres. Flour, 1.5kg. Chocolate, 800g. Salt, 250 g. Coffee and/or Tea, 100g. Puns, 80g. Video Games, 7.5g. Sprinkles, 5g. Covers of 90s hits performed in animal noises", 3g. Plus trace amounts of fifteen other elements. Renee “Slam Dunk” Hill, spends her retirement making puns, baking things, and having the best hair you’ve ever seen. She’s at @cakedcrusader13 for the following.

Figures Sold Separately
Every week, Jimmy, Renee, Ken, Matt, and Car-2 tear into the fan culture and welcome special guests from page and screen! The cast consists of Ken, the genius billionaire playboy philanthropist, Renee, the pun-making nerd baker with the best hair you've ever seen, Jimmy, the blogger, curmudgeon and rock-n-roll fan, Car2-D2, the pop culture droid with a soft spot for Tolkien, and Matt, the Doctor Who geek and aviation know-it- all. Follow their exploits at fsspodcast.com and @fsspodcast on Twitter.

My Guests Sessions

Friday, July 15

10:00pm EDT

Saturday, July 16

9:00am EDT

11:30am EDT