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Edward McKeown

Edward McKeown escaped from NY, but his old hometown supplies much of the background to his humorous “Lair of the Lesbian Love Goddess” shorts, as his new hometown in Charlotte, North Carolina does for his Knight Templar urban fantasy series. He enjoys a wide variety of interests from ballroom dance to the martial arts. Ed has also edited four Sha’Daa anthologies of tales of the Apocalypse and a wide variety of short stories some of which are collected in KNIGHT IN CHARLOTTE and the soon to be released ON THE CASE. 

Ed is best known for his Robert Fenaday/Shasti Rainhell series of SF novels set on the Privateer Sidhe.  He has now debuted a new series set in the same universe, featuring a 50,000 year old android named Maauro and her friend, a disgraced pilot named Wrik Trigardt, as they battle governments and the Thieves Guild for their freedom in, MY OUTCAST STATE. 

Set in the same universe as the Robert Fenaday/Shasti Rainhell stories, but decades later, MY OUTCAST STATE begins a new cycle of exploration of Confederation Space.  The second book, AGAINST THAT TIME, will be out later this year 


Find him on Facebook: http://edwardmckeown.weebly.com

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B004NM9ZU2