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avatar for Chris Shrewsbury

Chris Shrewsbury

Geek Life
Fan Guest
Durham, North Carolina
Chris has volunteered, paneled, guested, staffed, and been committee at literally dozens of cons along the east coast for 30+ years.

He’s a nationally certified sign language interpreter.   A Navy  veteran, he has worked as a pre-K through university teacher, and operated his own business logistics services company.

As a lower-leg amputee and end-stage kidney disease patient, Chris actively promotes disability rights and accessibility, within the convention community and elsewhere.

In addition to disability awareness and empowerment, public speaking, writing, and performance of “sit down comedy”, he’s also served as Programming Co-Director,  Fandom & Geek Life Programming Director, Accessibility Director,  Pane list, and creator of Accessibility Services.  In Chris’ honor, ConCarolinas has created The Shrewsbury Award, given  in recognition of his positive outlook and devotion to ConCarolinas.

Chris’ sense of humor and love of all things geek make him a welcome addition to any convention.