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Angela Pritchett

Angela Pritchett is a costumer, author, youtube host, special fx makeup artist, actor, and educator. She has a degree in music education and a masters degree in Ethnomusicology, where she focused on Japanese Pop music and culture in America.

She writes short fiction for adults and YA in the genres of horror, steampunk, sci-fi and fantasy.

Her horror, steampunk, fantasy and sci-fi short stories can be found in a number of anthologies. Angela is also the author of geeky cookbooks! Her first cookbook SHUT UP AND EAT! THE UNOFFICIAL DOCTOR WHO SERIES ATE COOKBOOK came out last year and has had rave reviews! A follow up is due out March 2016!

She has worked on films such as Plan 9, Porkchop 2 and 3, The Crawling Dead, Fear Fighter, and many others in the capacity as an actor and a makeup artist.

Angela has been costuming at conventions since 1996, and has won many awards in craftsmanship and performance at conventions all along the east coast. This has earned her a place as a judge at a great many conventions for their costume contests.

Angela is a host on the Youtube show “The Girls Who Waited”, the geek girl Youtube show about Doctor Who and more, with her fellow geek girl Lil.

When she has down time Angela is generally playing with her cats and pug, and posts way too many photos of them online! She also enjoys a nice cup of tea!

You can find her online at: