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Fan Guest
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Samantha Bryant

Orange County Schools
Teacher Foreign Languages
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John Desmarais

Committee Member
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Jada Diaz

avatar for Shawn Durington

Shawn Durington

The Art of Shawn Durington
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Walter Flomer

St. Andrews University
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Tera Fulbright

Director of Guests & Programming
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Jason Gilbert

Literary Guest
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Melissa Gilbert

Clicking Keys
Owner, Editor
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John Grigni

Argos Animation
Head Mad Scientist
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John G. Hartness

Falstaff Books
Literary Guest
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Nickie Jamison

Literary Guest
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Tally Johnson

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Paula Jordan

Literary Guest
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Chris Kennedy

Chris Kennedy Publishing
Head Publisher
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Rebecca Ledford

Phase 5 Publishing, LLC
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Emily Leverett

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Mark MacDicken

Flabbergast the Wizard
Performing Artist
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Misty Massey

Literary Guest
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Alex Matsuo

The Spooky Stuff
Paranormal Guest
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Margaret McGraw

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D.J. McGuire

Performing Artist
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Chris Oakley

Oakley's Gently Used Books
Fan Guest
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Erin Penn

Science Guest
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Jessica Reid

Geek Life
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Gray Rinehart

Literary Guest

Chuck Rizzo

Asst Programming Director
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Sharon Stogner

Devil in the Details Editing Services
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Ann Tucker

ConGregate Guest Coordinator
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Leona R. Wisoker

Literary Guest